iHealth is proud to announce its partnership with Evernote, the company that's helping the world remember everything. Through this partnership, users of iHealth’s mobile personal healthcare products can now track, share and manage their health data alongside other relevant information in Evernote.
Connect iHealth devices to Evernote
The Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor makes it easy to check your own blood pressure,anytime and anywhere with your mobile device.
The Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor attaches with a smaller cuff at the wrist and uses motion sensors to ensure accurate readings.
The Wireless Body Analysis Scale allows you to measure, track and share 9 different characteristics of your body composition.
Already have an iHealth device?
Follow this one step process to start managing your health data.
After getting your iHealth monitoring device setup with the iHealth MyVitals app, you are ready to connect to Evernote. Sign-in or register for the iHealth cloud to get started!
Email address
That is all it takes! Once the connection is established, any new scale or BP reading will flow through the iHealth Cloud server to your Evernote account and displayed as a Results Card.

Users have the ability to annotate the individual Results Cards with additional information within Evernote. If you make updates or delete any data in your iHealth account, your Evernote account will receive an “UPDATED” or “DELETED” note. At the end of each week, a summary card is generated in Evernote that shows the week's data at-a-glance.